Travelers Emergency Network

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Member Case Examples

Tunis Tunisia

Male traveler breaks his neck in an auto accident. Member is air evacuated to Paris in a full-body cast. He is then flown home to Pennsylvania. Cost of Services totaled nearly $40.000

South Pacific

A vacation traveler falls and breaks hip on a cruise ship 180 miles from Tahiti. The Member is air lifted and sent to Los Angeles for hip surgery.

St. Maarten Caribean

Vacation traveler suffers gunshot wound Member is air evacuated to West Palm Beach, Florida, where his life is saved.

Botswana Africa

Male traveler on safari in Botswana falls seriously ill. There is no qualified medical personnel for hundreds of miles. The Member is flown to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he is treated and stabilized until he was returned home to Florida.

Southern Georgia, US

Vacation traveler injured in auto accident, with severe eye injury. Patient air evacuated to the Eye Institute of Miami for specialized surgery to restore eyesight.
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