Travelers Emergency Network

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Why Ten?

You may be asking yourself "Why do I need TEN?" Simply put, TEN could save your life. Without TEN, you are risking your family's safety and financial well being.

Imagine this. You are on vacation in the Mexico. You and your loved one take a Jeep tour. You stop for a relaxing picnic by the sea and a dip in the surf. On your way back to the hotel, tragedy strikes.You are injured, suffering multiple fractures and broken vertebra.

The area's only medical facility is not equipped to handle such a serious injury. Making matters worse, you don't speak the language and don't know where to turn for help. The red tape involved in returning your companion home is overwhelming. . You could die if arrangements are not made soon. In some cases, local help is unreliable, inadequate or fraudulent.

By joining TEN, you could have avoided all these problems by making a simple collect phone call. TEN would have
  • Arranged for quality medical care
  • Provided a Interpreter
  • Facilitated communication with relatives and friends in your home country
  • Returned your rental or personal car
  • Ensured the safe repatriation of the injured patient
  • Arranged return travel for every family member
  • Brought you piece of mind
For a small investment, TEN provides peace of mind with emergency protection and travel-related services for you and your family for one low-cost membership. No family should be without TEN. The risks are just too great.
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