What is travel assistance and how does it differ from insurance?

Traveler's Emergency Network, Inc. (TEN) provides the most comprehensive and affordable annual travel assistance and insurance plans available. Assistance is a term in use throughout much of the world outside of the United States which refers to a service which provides help, primarily in medical emergencies. Insurance is not, in fact, as useful as assistance for travelers with medical or other emergencies. Insurance is only a promise to repay after care has been provided.    This means that somebody, usually the individual with the emergency, has to go through the headache, risk, and up-front expense of arranging for treatment and traveling to first-rate medical facilities. Few people realize that their medical insurance is not readily accepted in most foreign countries. The major problem for travelers, therefore, is getting to high quality medical care in a timely manner -- not how to pay for it later. This is why TEN programs are so valuable -- they provide direct, pro-active assistance to travelers with medical and other emergencies. Unlike other insurance plans, TEN plans afford real travel security, without the hassle of having to arrange for your own services, pay for them in advance.    TEN  provides access to medical facilities around the world, referrals and treatment arrangement, medical monitoring and emergency case coordination, payment for lifesaving emergency medical evacuations (up to US $1,000,000), medical expense advances, insurance claims assistance, and other Medical Services. In addition, TEN Members can receive Legal, Information, Personal and Special Services -- all accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from around the world -- whenever traveling more out of  the country.

How does TEN differ from other travel insurance or assistance programs?

TEN provides Member Services through a global support system. This network is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.    Some plans offered by other companies are sold for hundreds of dollars and often feature a more limited range of critical services. Most programs require the purchase of separate coverage for each trip and involve complicated, restrictive fee schedules with confusing options. The participants must select the services for which they want to purchase coverage from a list, and determine the exact number of days that they will be traveling in advance to compute their coverage costs. Often travel insurance products are designed to protect cost of the trip. TEN was organized to protect the traveler.    TEN offers flexible, annual travel assistance plans for individuals or families. A single membership payment provides a full year of travel security, without heavy restrictions on the length of, or changes in, one's itinerary.   Other programs will only arrange for evacuation and assistance -- the participants are obligated to pay for the services -- or pay for a portion of the expenses, usually US $5,000 - $25,000. Other programs require inpatient hospitalization of up to 14 days, before they will allow a transport. TEN transport decisions are based upon medical need. Unfortunately, this is not adequate in many parts of the world. Air evacuations from the Caribbean typically cost US $12,000 - $15,000, and in the Pacific, Asia and Africa, US $30,000 - $40,000 is not uncommon. TEN insurance provides global coordination of such operations by the most experienced professionals in the world and will pay up to US $1,000,000 for expenses.

What does a "FAMILY" include in terms of TEN Memberships?

A Family is defined as:    Spouse or legal cohabitant or dependent;    Child if unmarried and under 18 years;  child if unmarried who is 18 years old 

•Has the same permanent address as his or her parents

Will your service agents be able to speak the language of the country in which I travel?

The Assistance Center staff can cover the languages spoken by 95% of the world's population.    In the unlikely event that the Assistance Center cannot provide a required language through its internal staff, it will contact the local agent in the Member's area to intervene and communicate.

Are there any countries in which TEN Member Services are not available?

TEN reserves the right to suspend, curtail or limit Member Services in any area in the event of rebellion, riot, military uprising, war, labor disturbances and strikes, nuclear accidents, acts of God, or refusal of the authorities in the country of assistance to permit us to fully provide services.    TEN will, however, endeavor to provide services to the best of its ability during any such occurrence.    It is the responsibility of the Member to inquire with the Assistance Center whether a country is "open" for assistance prior to his or her departure.    Should you require assistance services from any "closed" country assistance center will attempt to help to the best of its ability, but cannot guarantee provision of services.